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Shows & Entertainment

Who killed the Surveyor

Monday 6:30pm

Price: $90pp

Who Killed the Surveyor – a new murder mystery dinner set in 1859 on Norfolk Island. Go back in time and dine with the Chief Magistrate Frederick Young and his wife Mary. Frederick is hosting this dinner to honour His Excellency, Governor General Denison who is making yet another visit to the island. A young English surveyor from Sydney is found washed up on the cove southeast of Point Hunter. Dine on a 3-course dinner while you help solve the mystery of “Who Killed the Surveyor?” The tour takes place in one of the original, elegantly restored Georgian houses at No. 9 Quality Row, on the beautiful Kingston foreshores. The tour includes a glass of wine or soft drink on arrival and tea/coffee and a liqueur with dessert.


Night as a Convict

Friday 5:45pm

Price: $90pp

Dress as a convict and join in with the Commandant for an evening of gaiety, feasting, singing, and dancing.

This is Norfolk Island’s only dinner and dance night - and one of our most anticipated events. It’s a great night out for all ages, so the whole family can come and enjoy themselves.


Wonderland by Night

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 7:15pm

Price: $51pp

Wonderland by Night celebrates the stories of life gone by on Norfolk Island and how the past has shaped our identity.

Meander along (or ride in the ‘moon buggy’) through a gentle winding path with a descendant of the Bounty Mutineers, as they recite poems and light up the dioramas. while sharing entertaining stories. - Enjoy a cuppa at the end of the bush, before being bussed back to your accommodation.


Trial of the Fifteen

Wednesday 4:45pm

Price: $35pp

The Trial of the Fifteen – An Historical Drama by Peter Clarke. This highly successful play has been running for over ten years to more than 35,000 visitors.

You are an eyewitness to a courtroom drama. Fifteen extraordinary characters step on stage to expose Norfolk’s colourful and sometimes turbulent past. The testimony of those on trial reveals the story of Norfolk Island. Starting with Polynesian visitation, European discovery, to convict misery and finally the arrival of the Pitcairn Islanders.


Ghost Tour Dinner & Lantern Walk

Wednesday & Saturday 6:15pm

Price: $90pp

Want to hear some spooooooky stories, based on the history of Norfolk Island?

The Norfolk Island Ghost Tour involves a dinner and lantern walk, while listening to talks and stories that will delight you, make you sad and send shivers down your spine!

The dinner will be held in a beautiful, historic Georgian Building - while the lantern walk takes you through the historic Kingston Ruins.

Ghost Tour.jpg

Progressive Dinner

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 5pm

Price: $90pp

If you are looking for an experience that gives you a first hand insight into Norfolk Island living, the Progressive Dinner is a must. You will join a group of other Norfolk Island visitors to enjoy a 3-course meal, progressing to different Norfolk Island family homes.

Each home has been carefully selected - and each dinner host has a sensational story to tell. You will hear all about their family’s history and day to day life.


Murder Mystery Dinner

Wednesday & Sunday 6:30pm

Price: $90pp

Meet the Commandant, Clergyman and Convicts of this period, the cast includes true characters from the second settlement.

Audience participation is required for a Guaranteed great, fun night out! Solve the mystery and win a prize!!

Murder Mystery.jpg

Commandants Dinner

Wednesday 6pm

Price: $90pp

The Commandants Dinner and Show is a night of great entertainment, delectable food and loads of fun. Make it a “must” for your itinerary!! This factual yet fun dinner theatre is Norfolk Island’s newest interactive show and a great way to learn about Norfolk’s history. The cast of actors will take you on an entertaining journey back in time. The Commandant’s stories about the notorious Convict Settlements on Norfolk Island will have you enthralled. During the evening, hear how the convicts were treated by sadists and reformers alike. Listen to a chilling recall of one of the infamous rebellions. Then marvel at how the Commandants and their families adapted to life in a Norfolk Island penal colony, recreating a little piece of England in the Pacific. Explore their great challenges, impressive successes and shameful secrets. Our venue, has created a special three course dinner menu of traditional English fare to compliment the theatrical setting. Hearty, wholesome, British tucker fit for a Commandant and his good lady wife – fortunately prepared by free men in a modern kitchen not a poor convict over a wood stove! The Commandants Dinner and Show begins 6:15pm at Bounty Lodge Taylors Road


1856 The Untold Story

Tuesday 7pm

Price: $55pp

1856 The Untold Story recounts the arrival of the Bounty Mutineers’ descendants from Pitcairn Island. The 8th of June saw 194 people arrive on Norfolk Island aboard the Morayshire. This consisted of 40 men, 47 women, 54 boys, and 53 girls. They arrived in cold, wet blustery conditions. Few had ever been to sea before; they were seasick, homesick and heartsick. The journey of 6,000 km/ 3,700 miles took five weeks. They arrived to a recently abandoned penal settlement set aside for the ‘worst of the worst’ it was full of ghosts and memories. It was a large and frightening testimony of man’s inhumanity to man. The 1856 untold story will follow their journey in the World Heritage Listed Kingston area. Baunti Tours will bring the past to life with an audio aboard their coach, recounting stories of the families, where they lived and how they adapted to their new life on Norfolk Island. This 1-hour tour is very evocative.

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