The land & sea

Breakfast Bush Walk

Wed, Thurs and Sat from 7am

Price: $ 55

This tour caters for everyone and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the great outdoors, with a delicious breakfast waiting at the end!

Take your choice of a stroll through Palm Glen Reserve or for the more energetic, a leisurely 3.5 km walk through scenic Mt. Bates (the highest point on the island! to Captain Cook Monument. It stands at the spot where Captain James Cook and his officers landed in 1774 - and has spectacular views of the coastline.

At the end of the walks, we all meet up on the clifftop for a delicious breakfast barbecue. (These walks are not recommended for anyone with medical conditions)

This tour is also flexible - if you would prefer to sleep in and skip the bush walk, but would like to have breakfast on the clifftop, you can join the walkers at Captain Cook Monument and share in the festivities.

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4WD Tour

Wednesday & Saturday 1pm

Price: $ 70

A ‘state-of-the-art’ Norfolk Island experience… exclusively off-beat… and hosted by locals! Climb aboard our 18 seater 4x4 bus for a pioneering adventure… off the beaten tracks! Enjoy air conditioned comfort and safety, as we share authentic insights of Norfolk’s unexplored valleys, ridges, coastlines and private properties. Morning tea is included and don’t forget your camera


Over the Cattlestops

Thursday 8:30am

Price: $55pp

To get a real insight into the lifestyle on Norfolk Island, you need to meet our people and see our industries in action.

On this day tour, we visit a few of the locally owned businesses that make up our industries. Norfolk Island has a huge amount of small businesses making different local products that we are able to see - and maybe have a taste of! We will also enjoy morning tea at a beautiful scenic location.


Taste of Norfolk

Tuesday & Thursday 1pm

Price: $ 55pp

Taste of Norfolk will take you to a bee keepers home where you will view flow hives. Here you’ll learn about the fascinating local honey bees and view their incredible flight path to their hives. Next stop a local farm and the last visit will be a cooking demonstration. Here you will create green banana fritters flavored with local honey, sit back and relax and enjoy. Great tour meeting passionate locals.


Margaret's Bird Finding Tour

Wed, Thurs and Fri from 8am

Price: $ 100pp

On Margaret’s Bird Finding Tour you’ll get to explore the world of Norfolk Island’s birds. This is a unique experience seeking out our rare and endemic bird life. Norfolk’s leading bird expert, Margaret Christian, will pick you up early for this personalized half day adventure. She knows exactly where to find our unique Native and Endemic bird species. So, you’ll get to visit areas of the rain forest looking for shy and sometimes reclusive fauna. There are 25 rare and endemic bird species to be found here. Then, you’ll also visit breathtaking clifftops to see our migratory sea birds and their rookeries (in season).


You can be one of the many visitors who says, “This has been my best day on Norfolk!” after visiting easy access forest glades, private property and stunning coastal areas. Margaret’s Bird Finding Tour offers you some sensational photographic opportunities.


This tour is weather dependent, so, to get the best results for you, the day of touring may be subject to change.


Greenfngers Tour

Friday 8.30am

Price: $ 55pp

A day tour featuring some of the most stunning gardens on Norfolk Island.
Through the morning, we visit a nursery owned and operated by a Norfolk Islander, and view the hydroponics. We also visit a gorgeous private garden with a spectacular view and Norfolk Islands only maze! You will also see some of our rare and endangered plants and hear about how the different settlements of the past have influenced the gardens of today.

Morning tea is also included, at a scenic location.


Phillip Island Trek

On demand - Subject to weather

Price: $160

7kms south of Norfolk lies Phillip Island. A haven for nesting seabirds, awe inspiring landscapes, endemic and unique flora and fauna. Join us on a unique and exclusive guided trek that will become the highlight of your Norfolk Island experience!

The Treks are run in response to demand & weather conditions. Suitable for people of average fitness – not suitable for people with heart complaints, mobility restrictions etc.

Trekkers will need to bring the following: Sun Protection, Tramping type footwear, Clothing which allows free movement, Backpack, Spare pair of socks (often the landing at Phillip is wet), Water.

Charter Marine provide: An experienced local trekking guide whilst on the island, Refreshments, An unforgettable experience!

Potential trekkers should make contact soon after their arrival to check timetable. Duration is 4.5hrs – 7.30am to 12.00pm and visitors cannot be dropped on Phillip Island unaccompanied.

Phillip Island Trek.jpg

3 Island Scenic Cruise

On demand - Subject to weather

Price: $160pp

This is a boat trip that follows the coastline of Norfolk Island, Phillip Island and Nepean Island, giving a view of the island’s sheer cliffs, blow holes and sea caves. This is a wonderful tour for bird watchers during the summer season, keen photographers or those that simply love the ocean. Duration – approximately 2 ½ hours

Round The Island.jpg

Half Day Fishing Trip

On demand - Subject to weather

Price: $160pp

Charter Marine pride themselves on their reputation as the most professional and reliable fishing charter available on Norfolk Island. Word of mouth says it all! With 15 years experience on Norfolk Island, you are guaranteed a great time. Fishing the surrounding reefs give you a fantastic opportunity to catch a variety of reef and surface fish such as Trumpeter (Sweet Lip), Groper, Snapper, Trevally, Kingfish, Wahoo & Yellowfin Tuna.

Exclusive customized charters are available. All bait & gear supplied or BYO your favorite rig.


Norfolk Island Botanical Gardens

Open 7 days

Free public access

Covering 5.5. hectares, the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden boasts a unique collection of plants endemic to Norfolk Island.

The original garden was owned by Mrs Pat Moore and covered 0.6 hectares. Mrs Moore (nee Annie Eliza Kirkpatrick) moved to Norfolk Island from New Zealand in 1949. She purchased the property and planted numerous species of plants found only on Norfolk Island, starting the the collection that became the basis for the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden.

Before she returned to New Zealand in 1975, Mrs Moore made it possible for the Norfolk Island Administration to take over the management of the area, ensuring that her hard work, dedication and vision would not be lost to future residents and visitors.

In 1986 the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden was declared a part of the new Norfolk Island National Park.

The garden displays a collection of Norfolk Island’s unique flora and has a strong emphasis on increasing knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of Australia’s plant heritage. The Norfolk Island Botanic Garden also houses the Discovery Centre, where visitors can learn more about the incredible plants and animals found in the Norfolk Island group.

Botanical Garden.jpg

Hill Goat Farm Tour

Wednesday & Friday 2pm

Meet and interact with the friendliest goats with the biggest personalities. Visit the cheese making process and then sit down and relax at our family home for a beautiful Hilli Goat style lunch.

Hilli Goat Farm.jpg