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Land & Sea

Progressive Dinner

Operated by: Pinetree Tours
Schedule - Wednesday & Saturday 
Price : $55.00


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Bush walk.jpg

The breakfast bush walks operated by local touring company's Pinetree Tours and Bauntii tours offer a relaxed walk through the national park along what is known as the "Bridle Track:. The walk is about 3.5km from Red Rd to Captain Cooks Monument. Pinetree tours offers guests an optional shorter 1.5km walk though Palm Glen Reserve.

On the walk your local guide can help you identify local grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees as well as bird species. At the end of the walk you a treated to a BBQ breakfast with an absolutely stunning view of the coastline.

Pinetree Tours and Bauntii tours will pick you up from Seaview at around 7.15am and for those for those that want to sleep in or have medical conditions the bus will come back to Seaview to pick you pick up at 8.30 am to join the walkers for BBQ breakfast. 

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