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Land & Sea

Cliff Top Island Fish Fry

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday


Tuesday & Thursday - Pinetree Tours Fish Fry is a feast of local dishes, salads and homemade coconut bread, alongside mouth-watering fried fish that you won’t forget.

The purpose build setting overlooks breathtaking coastal scenery as the sun sets - with live music in the background. 

The dishes include ‘Pilhi’ (savoury banana Slice,) a special sweet potato mash with local herbs called ‘Ana’, coconut bread and delicious coconut pie and cream for dessert. Your evening is completed by local entertainment from the Baunti Byuutis dancing group.

Thursday & Saturday -  Bauntii Tours operate their Fish Feast on the top op Anson Bay where you will have an eagle-eyed view of the tiny crescent-shaped beach and the magnificent spread of ocean stretching to the far horizon. The beautifully set tables will delight you – it’s the most glamorous picnic you will ever attend! Scrumptiously fresh, local fish is prepared the local way and accompanied with a range of seasonal island dishes including those passed down from our Polynesian fore-mothers. This extends even to dessert. The feast kicks off with entertainment, by a local singer and Tahitian-style dancers. 


For those who drive themselves and would prefer to stay for a short time after dinner, you can view the incredible sun setting over the ocean. It is honestly one of the most stunning sunsets you will ever witness.

Prices are: 

Pinetree Tours: Tuesday & Thursday - $60 self drive or $70 including pickup from Seaview

Bauntii Tours - Thursday & Saturday - $85 including pickup from Seaview

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