Things to do on Norfolk Island

Our guests come to Norfolk Island essentially for the natural beauty, the peace and the tranquillity, the friendly hospitality and welcome by the Norfolk Islanders, as well as the amazing history from our connection to the early settlement of Australia, the brutal convict settlements on the Island and the fascinating story of the Bounty Mutineers and the arrival of the Pitcairn settlers in 1856.

We highly recommend you watch these two short videos about Norfolk Island to give you a glimpse of some of the amazing things our Island home has to offer

Kingston & Arthers Vale Historical Area

This captivating video, narrated by Pitcairn descendent David "Diddles" Evans talks about the World Heritage listed Kingston & Arthurs Vale Historical Area and its special relationship with the Norfolk Islanders.

Norfolk Island Travel Guide

This short video by Tourism Norfolk Island will give you and glimpse of the amazing things to see and do on Norfolk Island.


Places to Eat

Norfolk Island has a wide range of restaurants and cafes as well as many tours and shows including meals.


History & Culture

Norfolk Island had a long, rich and very interesting past. Take a few minutes to look at the information videos we have selected to help you decide on any places of interest or tours you might like.


Land & Sea

Natural beauty, stunning landscapes and sea vistas, Norfolk Island has it all. The following tours and suggestions will take you to all the best locations and attractions. 



Your on holidays, and in addition to our Island being the worlds best place to do absolutely nothing, the Island has a number of entertaining and fun shows and dinners.