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Things to do in Norfolk Island


  • Direct Booking - When booking your accommodation directly Seaview, you can add tours to you booking from our reservation page.

  • Other Online Booking Sites - If you are making a reservation with a third party booking site like Expedia or, then just send us an email and we can book any tours for you.


PAYMENT - As a Seaview guest, payment is only required when you check-in

These two short videos about Norfolk Island to give you a glimpse of some of the amazing things our Island home has to offer

Kingston & Arthers Vale Historical Area

This captivating video, narrated by Pitcairn descendent David "Diddles" Evans talks about the World Heritage listed Kingston & Arthurs Vale Historical Area and its special relationship with the Norfolk Islanders.

Norfolk Island Travel Guide

This short video by Tourism Norfolk Island will give you and glimpse of the amazing things to see and do on Norfolk Island.

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